Road safety performance

Road safety is monitored along the year with feedback information transmitted by the police to the Prefectures concerning the number of injury and fatal accidents.

On the other hand, the analyses must be based on individualised files of injury accidents, known as Bulletins d'Analyse des Accidents Corporels (BAAC), consolidated each year by the local road safety observatories with the support of Cerema, ONISR publishes accident monitoring barometers throughout the year, and produces annually with the support of Cerema global, territorial or thematic analyses in the form of a compilation, the "Annual Road Safety Report".

road safety performance

Local performance indicators

How to compare structurally different territories?

Local Road Safety strategies

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Annual road safety reports

The collection of annual reports in French dates back to 1954.

Road safety monitoring

Quick feedback reports are regularly transmitted by the services of the Ministry of the In

Annual reports on offences and demerit points

Since 2001, an annual report has been published on the offences recorded by the national p