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The French Road Safety Observatory (ONISR) advises directly the Interministerial Director for Road Safety. It is in charge of the National Road Traffic Accident database and leads the programme of research projects and studies on behalf of the Road Safety Directorate.

The BAAC database gathers information on road traffic accidents :

  •     that involve injured persons
  •     if the police intervened or were required to investigate and write a report.

IFSTTAR estimates that the BAAC file contains a quarter of all accidents involving injuries, half of all hospitalized injuries and the whole lot of fatalities. Non-fatal accidents involving single cyclists or two-wheeled motorcycles are frequently missing from the BAAC database, as victims are often transported by emergency services without the intervention of police forces.

From creating the BAAC database to consolidation :

Police forces record data on traffic accidents in which they are involved; local road safety observatories check these data and thus contribute to the consolidation of the national database. ONISR is responsible, with the technical support of Cerema, a public research and study institution of the Ministry of Transport, for the entire chain, from data collection to data consolidation, and then ensures the analysis of road traffic injuries in order to help define and evaluate road safety measures.

Calendar :

  •     The first quasi-definitive indicators for year N are released in the last week of January of year Y+1.
  •     The main final indicators for year Y are released in the last week of May of year Y+1.
  •     The road safety report for year Y is published in September of year Y+1 as well as the Excel tables (annual data collection, long series).
  •     The Opendata export of the BAAC file for year Y is put online on the website in October of year Y+1. The CARE extract is also sent to the European Commission on this date.

In this space, you will find the tools allowing you to understand the data collection process, carry out statistical research, consult the statistical series available, and access raw data extracts (Opendata).

data tools


Police forces progressively moved on using the new BAAC 2017 format over 2018.

Frequently asked questions

ONISR provides you with a set of standard questions/answers to help you get to know and understand its universe.

Annual tables

2018 annual tables in French are now available here.

The annual road safety report is supplemented by a detailed annual statistical document containing data tables for

Statistic series

Accident files (BAAC) have existed in a detailed format since 1952.

Open Data

2018 data are now available on line on website !

ONISR provides online detailed data extracted from the national road traffic accident database ; elem