Road safety measures

Since the advent of the automobile, measures to organize travel arrangements have been gradually introduced. It is always a balance between promoting access to driving for the greatest number of people, promoting mobility at an ever faster pace to go further and further, and the need to control the potential consequences: accidents, injuries and deaths.

Road safety measures implemented over the past 2 years :


- 1 January: ban on tinted windows (more than 30%) in front of cars; obligation for company managers to report the driver who committed an offence with a company vehicle, under penalty of a fine; removal of the power restriction on new motorcycles and authorisation to unblock motorcycles (new or used) equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS) (following the transposition into French law of European Directive 168/2013)

- 23 January: 4th mandate of the CNSR for the period 2017-2020 (4 new commissions - see report card).

- 28 March: Decree issued for the application of articles 495-25 and 706-111-1 of the Code of Criminal Procedure authorizing the consultation of the file of insured vehicles during the automated speed control.

- July 1: New features and installation of vehicle registration plates for two- or three-wheel vehicles or a motor quadricycle.

- 25 October: Order amending the Order of 11/4/2011 fixing the amount of the fee due for the provision of information from the vehicle registration system.

- 3 November: Decree on various measures: Experimentation of automated reading of license plates to fight the lack of insurance; county prefects may prohibit driving in the event of negligence or refusal of medical examination of fitness to drive within the prescribed period. Enhanced cooperation between law enforcement agencies/municipal police against drink-driving.


- 1st January: obligation for drivers of two and three-wheel motorcycles to carry a high visibility vest in their vehicle, to be worn in the event of a breakdown or an accident.

- 26 January: law stipulating that any driver or student's companion, in the absence of an accident, may be screened for drug use by the judicial police officers of the gendarmerie or the police. In the event of a positive test, sanctions are imposed (prison sentence, fine and withdrawal of points from the licence).

- 1st February: experimentation of inter-files traffic for PTW (Ile-de-France, Gironde, and Bouches du Rhône).

- May 2: Modernized driver's license with reduced delays and costs. It is equipped with an electronic chip and an MRZ band to better combat fraud, its validity is now 15 years for categories A and B and 5 years for categories C, D and E.

- 31 May: requirement for 18-year-olds and over to hold an A2 licence for at least 2 years and to undergo 7 hours of training to obtain an A licence (motorcycle with a power greater than 35 kW).

- 30 September: Decree requiring, in the event of an offence, to present one's documents in order to obtain the decision to release the impoundment requirement for his vehicle.

- 20 November: compulsory wearing of CE certified motorcycle gloves for all PTW; immobilisation of the vehicle and impoundment by the police in the event of a major speeding incident (administrative measure of 7 days maximum).

- 20 November: The 21st century Justice Modernization Act, Chapter V, introduces a specific offence for driving with a false driving licence: a prison sentence (up to 5 years) with a fine of €75,000 and confiscation of the vehicle.

- 1 December: Experimentation (Counties 26, 59 and 51) of a temporary driving license if an alcohol interlock test is installed, when driver is controlled with a positive blood alcohol level.

- 16 December: simplification of the procedure for monitoring driving after drug use (decree of 24 August): double saliva screening.

- 31 December: extension of offences that can be detected without interception (radar or video verbalisation), i.e.: failure to wear a seat belt, use of a hand-held mobile phone, use of emergency lanes (for stopping, parking or traffic), overlapping and crossing continuous lines, failure to comply with the rules on overtaking and "bicycle locks", failure to wear a motorised two-wheel helmet.


For measures taken in previous years, please download the document opposite (in French)