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The French Road Safety Observatory (ONISR) advises directly the Interministerial Director for Road Safety. It is in charge of the National Road Traffic Accident database and leads the programme of research projects and studies on behalf of the Road Safety Directorate. As police forces and local road safety observatories report and control accident data, ONISR is responsible, with the technical support of Cerema, a Research Agency of the Ministry for Transport, for collecting and analyzing injury road traffic accidents in order to assist in defining and evaluating road safety measures.

The national database for injury road traffic accidents (BAAC) is initially filled by police forces who are called on the scene of road traffic accidents. It is checked afterwards by local road safety observatories, under the umbrella of the national road safety observatory with the assistance of the Cerema.

In this space, you will find tools to do statistical research, consult statistical series, get to raw data, as well as understand the vocabulary and process of data collection.

data tools

Frequently asked questions

ONISR provides you with a set of standard questions/answers to help you get to know and understand its universe.

Annual tables

The annual road safety report is supplemented by a detailed annual statistical document containing data tables for the year considered.

Statistic series

Accident files (BAAC) have existed in a detailed format since 1952.

Open Data

ONISR provides online detailed data extracted from the national road traffic accident database ; elements specific to the investigation have been removed to protect from the ris


Injury road traffic accidents were defined in the decree of March 27th 2007 on the conditions for statistics.