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Monthly numbers of accidents, fatalities and injured people

Road user fatalities in France mainland

Pedestrian fatalities per trimester
Cyclist fatalities per trimester
Moped user fatalities per trimester
Biker fatalities per trimester
Car user fatalities per trimester
HGV user fatalities per trimester
Young adults (18-24 y/o) fatalities per trimester
Older user (65 y/o and over) fatalities per trimester

Number of fatalities in French mainland regions - 2018

Number of fatalities in French mainland regions - 2018

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2018 Road Safety annual report

2018 final results : 3 488 people died on French roads (mainland and overseas), 196 fewer than in 2017 and 7 fewer than in 2013 (best year so far).

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April 2019 Road Safety dashboard

236 people were killed on the road of France mainland, a decrease of -16.9% compared to April 2018.

80 km/h speed limit

80 km/h speed limit on rural single carriageways

After initial results published in January 2019, ONISR and Cerema update with final 2018 and provisional 2019 data.

The impact of this measure on speeds, accidents and travel times is monitored by Cerema and ONISR.